Our mission is to spread awareness about affordable healthcare for all.

  • Meet Team AH123

    Affordable Healthcare 123 started as a way for graphic designer Sarah Williams to stand out at a political rally in Sacramento, California. She decided to make a custom tee-shirt with a design and slogan that spoke to one of her beliefs—healthcare should be as affordable as clothing. As the day went on and the compliments and questions about where she got the shirt poured in, Sarah got the feeling her belief could be something more.


    Now, Sarah and her team strive to contribute to the fight for affordable healthcare through creating and selling apparel that raises awareness and funds. The company donates 10% of every order to advocacy groups and organizations that provide healthcare to individuals and families who struggle to obtain the care they need.


    Through spreading their apparel, the Affordable Healthcare 123 team is dedicated to making healthcare affordable to every American.


    Made to order and ships in 2-3 business days to 48 states

    Affordable Care Act - Heart Men's Tee
    I Support Obamacare - AH123 Men's Tee
    I Support Obamacare - AH123 Women's Tee
    Affordable Care Act - Heart Women's Tee
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