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Affordable Healthcare 123 Tees to Launch Newly Designed, Eco-Friendly Apparel in 2019

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Sarah Williams, CEO and Founder of t-shirt company Affordable Healthcare 123 is set to launch new t-shirt designs in 2019 that incorporate animal- and eco-friendly textiles. Started in 2018, Affordable Healthcare 123 Tees aims to raise awareness about America’s health care crisis and create space for community-wide dialogue.


When she went to a healthcare rally in Sacramento, California, Sarah Williams didn’t realize that she would be starting a business. “While I was at the rally,” she notes in an interview, “numerous people came up to me and asked me where I got my shirt and where they could get one as well. I was so moved by their compliments that I decided to use my skills in graphic design to benefit my pursuit of accessible healthcare for my community and millions of Americans around the country.”


In starting Affordable Healthcare 123 Tees, Williams decided to combine her love of elegant graphic design with her commitment to healthcare activism. By combining fashion and a political message, the company works to spread the idea that healthcare should be as affordable as clothing.


Now, the business hopes that its new, 2019 products will continue to create an open discussion about a controversial issue while helping the environment. The apparel company is shifting to more animal- and environment-friendly fabrics such as hemp and linen. With more than 15 million tons of fabrics discarded per year, Affordable Healthcare 123 Tees plans to incorporate biodegradable fabric choices that won’t add to landfills. In using these materials, Williams and her team hope to create breathable, moisture-wicking clothing that is also well designed and fashionable. But Williams remains dedicated to the company’s original cause. By committing to environmentally safer fabrics, the business hopes to help consumers make better choices about clothing, even as it continues to foster a more open dialogue about healthcare.


Further information can be found on the company’s website:

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