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Affordable Healthcare 123 Tees Shares Five of the Best Probiotic-Filled Foods to Improve Your Gut Health

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Fermented foods that contain probiotics are both healthy and delicious; probiotics contain anti-inflammatory properties that aid in digestion. Affordable Healthcare 123 Tees lists five probiotic foods to include in your regular diet:


Garlic is a popular and tasty addition to many different meals. The bacteria in your digestive system feed on the probiotics in garlic; this keeps your gut healthy and helps prevent various gastrointestinal diseases. Raw garlic contains the most health benefits, but cooking the garlic is also helpful. Try using some garlic, whether raw or cooked, to add flavor to your next meal.


Yogurt has more health benefits than just providing calcium for your bones and teeth. This common breakfast food also contains probiotics that aid in digestion. However, when picking out yogurt flavors, watch out for the sugar content, as this can be harmful to your digestive system. The best options for optimal gastrointestinal health are Greek yogurt and organic flavors with few ingredients.


If you are on the lookout for spicy food with health benefits, kimchi is the way to go. This cabbage-based dish is common in Korea and can be found in international grocery stores. Kimchi not only protects your body from constipation; it also increases brain function and lowers cholesterol. Sarah Williams of Affordable Healthcare 123 Tees recommends adding kimchi to rice bowls and tacos for a spicy kick.


Tempeh is a good option for vegetarians and vegans. It contains a whopping thirty-one grams of protein per cup, which is much higher than the protein content of tofu. It is made from soybeans, so it gives your food a nutty flavor, and since it is fermented, it also aids in digestion. Tempeh can be served over rice or as a delicious meat substitution in a meal.


Yes, even chocolate has probiotics! This sweet snack helps promote healthy bacteria growth in your stomach. The chocolate also helps the bacteria pass through the stomach and get absorbed in the small intestine so your body can get more antioxidants and nutrients. Try to pick darker chocolate that does not contain a lot of added sugars.

In Conclusion

When you eat probiotic foods, you are able to gain many health benefits. You can go for standard foods such as plain yogurt, or try something new like kimchi. Try some new, interesting, and healthy foods; your gut will thank you!

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